homerun-200I’m not usually one for books that tie in to movies or are some sort of brand. I can’t remember where we got this one, maybe it was a book sale at the kids school? I can’t remember. However this is a cute book with a Chicken Little hand puppet on the front.

This is a board book that makes a bit more sense if you’ve seen the movie. The story is about Chicken Little swinging his baseball bat and hitting a home run to win a baseball game. As the stories go on, there are plenty of opportunities for the kids to imitate the action in the story with the hand puppet, such as hiding his eyes and swinging his arms as if they are hitting the bat.

It’s not the most brilliant picture book, however the puppet adds a bit of fun to it. If you can see in the picture, the puppet is quite squashed, showing that it’s been sitting in the bookshelf getting squashed for a long time.