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princesspoppytheplay-200The Play by Janey Louise Jones is part of the Princess Poppy collection of stories, and a book that I picked up at a market.

Poppy is bored and decides to put on a play with her cousins and best friend, however things don’t always go to plan.

This was a fun book with an important message about being bossy and working together. I also enjoyed the play that Grandpa wrote and the illustrations were simple and fun. The costumes were similar to ones that kids would come up with themselves using items in a dress up box.

Something else I enjoyed about this book was the memories it brought back. When I was a kid, my siblings, cousins and I used to put on plays for our parents, complete with tickets and costumes!

A fun book that everyone will enjoy, and may prompt some creativity in your children.

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Amazon.com – Princess Poppy: The Play (Princess Poppy Picture Books)

twinklyballerinas-200Princess and Fairy Twinkly Ballerinas by Anna Pignataro is one that I picked up while looking at princess books. It’s quite different to the other ones I read, as it wasn’t so much about princesses, but more about ballet.

The illustrations are detailed and there is a lot to see. Most pages are a double page spread with a poem with items that children can search for in the pictures.

I did find the text a bit hard to read as it is a cursive font, and ballet isn’t my “thing”. The story didn’t really hold my attention, however I can see how this story will appeal, especially to little girls who love pink, sparkles, fairys, princesses and dancing.

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Amazon.com – Princess and Fairy. Twinkly Ballerinas (Princess & Fairy)

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worstprincess-200The Worst Princess by Anna Kemp and Sara Ogilvie was a fun twist on the traditional princess fairy tale.

Princess Sue has read all the books and knows how a princess is “supposed” to act, but she soon finds that reality is different to the fantasy.

While this book wasn’t quite what I was looking for, it was still a great story with a fun twist and some nice little touches along the way. The message I got from this story was that princesses don’t have to do what is expected of them, they can step and write their own “happy ever after” ending.

Even older girls will enjoy this story and its message.

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Amazon.com – Worst Princess

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princessmatilda-200I picked up Princess Matilda by Eva Montanari on a clearance table at my local book shop. I really didn’t know what to expect, but I love the name of the princess.

This is a story of imagination, and one that many children will relate to. When Princess Matilda gets mad, she turns into a witch, then other things until the end of the story. I don’t want to give away the ending.

One of my favourite parts is when she is kissing frogs who want to be princes one day. That was fun.

I’m not sure I would have gone out of my way to get this book, however it was a fun book and I’m glad I read it.

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Amazon.com – MEADOWSIDE: PRINCESS MATILDA (Meadowside Picture Books)

Amazon.com – Princess Matilda

paperbagprincess-200The Paper Bag Princess is the original alternative princess book. I remember reading this as a child and have loved rediscovering it – both when I was writing my princess book and for this challenge.

Princess Elizabeth is going to marry Prince Ronald, however things don’t go to plan. A nasty dragon comes and destroys the castle and kidnaps the prince.

This book has some wonderful messages in it, including not judging a book by it’s cover. Just because a person looks good on the outside, doesn’t mean they are good on the inside, and the same goes with someone who looks like a mess. I also really enjoyed how the princess used her brain and wits to defeat the dragon instead of violence.

Written 25 years ago, this book has stood the test of time and should be on all bookshelves. It’s also one that boys would enjoy reading. I know my boys loved the dragon.

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Amazon.com – The Paper Bag Princess (Classic Munsch)

Amazon.com Kindle – The Paper Bag Princess (Classic Munsch)

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veryfairyprincess-200Last year, I wrote a picture book about a princess for the 12×12 in 12 challenge. To help me with that, I bought a number of princess themed books to see what was already out there. Today is the first of those books.

The Very Fairy Princess by Julie Andrews and Emma Walton Hamilton was one of the first that was recommended to me. I loved this book.

It’s about a little girl called Geraldine who is a fairy princess. I don’t want to give too much away, only to say that one thing that stood out was there was no judgement on whether or not a princess had to be pretty and demure, or completely the opposite. I love the character of Geraldine and how she sees what being a princess is all about.

Little girls will love this book, and Mums will enjoy reading it with them.

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Amazon.com – The Very Fairy Princess

hairymaclary-200Today’s book is a favourite in this house – Hairy Maclary from Donaldson’s Dairy by Lynley Dodd is the book that started the Hairy Maclary series. Earlier in the challenge, I read one of the other books from the series, and more are planned as Mr Z has a pile of them.

This book is a wonderful read, with a great rhythm when reading out load, repetition and rhymes. Each of us has our favourite character – Mr Z’s favourite is Schnitzel Von Krumm, Mr N says he loves Scarface Claw… for me, I love Hairy Maclary.

These books are wonderful for children and parents to read together. As there is a series of books, if you get tired of one of them, there is always another one that will become a fast favourite.

This is also the last book in the bag of books from the Herald Sun newspaper.

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animalia-200Today’s book is a blast from the past. Animalia by Graeme Base is a wonderful book.

The most stunning thing about it is the illustrations. Each page is a work of art. I used to spend hours trying to find all the objects the words on each page mentioned, and many more besides. It seemed that every time I looked at them, I would see something new.

The text is extremely clever with rhymes and alliteration, mirrored in the illustrations. The words are also included as part of the illustrations on the page.

If you have kids who aren’t that keen on books, this is a great one to start. There is so much to find. You can even make it a challenge to see how many different pictures they can find.

It’s even a stunning book to read on your own.

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hunwicksegg-200Today’s book is Hunwick’s Egg by Mem Fox, another book that I hadn’t heard of before.

Hunwick is a bilby who finds an egg after a storm, and looks after it. Hunwick discovers that the egg is a wonderful friend who listens to him.

The illustrations are stunning, showcasing many different Australian animals as well as the desert landscape.

I think this must be a story for introverted kids as Hunwick’s relationship with his egg is one that I can relate to, as well as one of my kids… sometimes it is easier to talk to an egg.

Even if your kids are not introverts, they will enjoy this story and the twist at the end.

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Amazon.com – Hunwick’s Egg