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roadtogoonong-200The Road to Goonong by David Cox is one I picked up from the library. The image on the cover reminded me a bit of the farm my grandparents owned when I was a child.

The text in this book is longer than many of the picture books I’ve read lately, detailing the story of a family who lived on a farm called Goonong during the depression. The author describes the farm, animals, neighbours and events leading up to the family selling the farm.

One important lesson the author learned was to fall off the horse, and the second was to get back on the horse that threw him. That is also the lesson of this story.

The illustrations are stunning, showing the Australian countryside as well as the different people that lived on the road to Goonong.

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Baby Wombat's WeekLast week, I enjoyed reading Baby Wombat’s Week by Jackie French as a bedtime story to my nephew. This copy was a board book, however it is also available as a soft cover book. Wombats are my favourite Australian animal, so of course I chose this one to read – after we had read the monkey book I gave him a few times!

This is a delightful story about a baby wombat and his new friend and all the things they get up to during the week. The illustrations are gorgeous and I love the baby wombat, so cute.

The words themselves are simple with the illustrations telling much of the story. My nephew and I enjoyed looking at the things baby wombat got up to. Many illustrations were of objects my nephew recognised so the story held his attention.

This is a gorgeous book that will be enjoyed by everyone. Oh, and I spotted my nephew taking this book to my son for him to read after I’d finished it!!

This book is also called “Diary of a Baby Wombat”.

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possummagic-200Today’s book is another Australian classic, and one that I forgot we owned.  Possum Magic by Mem Fox is one of those books that most Aussie kids grow up reading.

It’s the story about a baby possum named Hush who lives with Grandma Poss. Grandma Poss has special bush magic and turns Hush invisible. The story is all about Hush and Grandma Poss travelling around Australia to find the antidote to the invisibility spell.

This is a gorgeous book with wonderful illustrations by Julie Vivas and it’s full of Australian animals and images. I really enjoyed reading this book again, and so did my kids.

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peggy-200Inspired by a Hills Hoist and normal events in the backyard, Peggy by Heather Monro is a delightful book that parents and kids will enjoy.

It’s a normal day for Peggy the Clothesline when Mum hangs out the washing, only to have pesky birds descend and cause mayhem. The illustrations also tell a story, with Bob, the nosy neighbour popping in from time to time. Kids will love this aspect of the story, I know my kids did. There is something on every page for them to find.

Another wonderful thing about this book is the accompanying CD. My kids have started listening to audio books at bed time, and this is one that started them off!

This book was also a favourite of my kids for a long time, with Mr Z even going as the scarecrow to school for a Book Week dress up day!

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theresawombat-200Today’s book is my first attempt at reading an eBook as a picture book. There’s a Wombat in my Bed by Tony Harris was a free eBook I was able to download from Tony’s website – Wombat Stories.

To be honest, I much prefer reading physical picture books as I find them a lot easier to read to my kids and my nephews.

I enjoyed this book, it’s full of fun rhymes and hand drawn pictures of Australian animals. I also love wombats, they are my favourite Australian animal… The rhymes are full of nonsense that kids love. Mr Z loved the page about the goanna as he loves lizards, and the idea of having a goanna in the garage is one that he loves.

This book is available as an online ebook, PDF and a printed book. Having all these different formats means you can choose the format that suits you.

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edwardtheemu-200Edward the Emu by Sheena Knowles is a classic Australian picture book, and one that I’ve bought for one of my other nephews, 3 year old Mr O, for International Book Giving Day.

Poor Edward, he’s lonely and bored in the zoo, so he decides to try his hand at being another animal for the day. It’s fun reading about his adventures as a seal, lion and snake. I won’t give away the ending, only to say that it’s a great one.

Quite apart from the great story and illustrations of the zoo animals, there is also a wonderful message about being who you are, and not who you think others want you to be. It’s written in a way that kids will enjoy as well as parents.

I know that Mr O will love this book and I can’t wait to give it to him.

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Amazon.com – Edward the Emu