froggetslost-200My kids have quite a few picture books that were given to them, and this was one of them. Frog Gets Lost is a sparkle book, and has cut outs with shiny coloured paper in various places.

This book is about a frog who goes for a walk when a friendly caterpillar points out the matching flowers on his path. When frog gets lost, he remembers the matching flowers and this helps him find his way home.

I enjoyed the simple story about things that match and using this to help frog find his way home. It’s a board book so it’s hard wearing for toddlers. The thing that bugged me was all the shiny bits on every page. They took away from the story and the gorgeous illustrations. The funny thing I remember from reading this to my kids is that they didn’t seem to mind too much, but then again, they didn’t ask for it to be read all that often…