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PirateologyIt’s Day 4 of the My Little Bookshelf game. Today’s prompt is ‘A favourite cover’. It took some searching before I re-discovered¬†Piratelology. To be honest, this wasn’t a book I would have chosen for this challenge as I’m not sure if would count as a picture book, even though there are a lot of pictures in it…

This is a book I bought for Mr N when he was going through his pirate phase. I had kept my eye out for it for months as it was quite expensive and I wanted a cheaper price…

The cover is awesome (I know the pic isn’t that great). It looks like an old fashioned notebook with a leather look and gilt decorations. The compass in the middle is a real compass, or at least looks like one, with the needle moving around.

The whole book is wonderful, full of facts about pirates with bits that fold out, pull out, tie up, and more. Since pulling this book out of the bookshelf to include in this post, the boys have rediscovered it, reading it from cover to cover and taking time to open and experience everything this book has to offer.

If your kids are pirate crazy, this is a must have book for your collection.

Buy this book:

Amazon.com – Pirateology: The Pirate Hunter’s Companion (Ologies)

Amazon.com – The Pirateology Handbook: A Course in Pirate Hunting (Ologies)

Amazon.com – Pirateology Guidebook and Model Set (Ologies)

The Night PiratesMy mother gave this book to Mr N when he was mad about pirates.

The Night Pirates by Peter Harris & Deborah Allwright is a wonderful book about a boy named Tom and a group of girl pirates who go on an adventure during the night.

We all loved this book. It has a fun story, a great rhythm to the words, and wonderful illustrations. Recently I discovered this book is available as a pop up book! We have the paper back version, and it’s still awesome. At one point, we read it so often that we had nearly memorised it! This is a wonderful addition to any child’s library.

Buy this book:

Amazon.com – Night Pirates (Book & CD)

Amazon.com – The Night Pirates (Book & CD)

mygrannyisapirate-200When my now 11 year old, Mr N, was 4, he was mad on pirates and dinosaurs. It was the memory of that time that prompted me to pick up today’s book,¬†My Granny is a Pirate by Val McDermid and Arthur Robins at the library.

This book is written as a kid sharing a secret with the reader about his granny’s true identity – as a pirate. Granny’s piratical exploits are detailed along with a battle with ghosts and ghouls, all before granny is home in time for tea.

The rhythm of the story is fun and engaging and I love the illustrations of the pirates on the ship and the different adventures. It is a fun story, and if you have kids who love pirates, this is a great book.

According to the cover notes, this book was published in 2012… I wish it had been around when Mr N was younger.

Buy this book:

Amazon.com – My Granny Is a Pirate