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Badness for Beginners

Badness for Beginners

It’s day 2 of the My Little Bookcase game. Today the topic is “A book that makes your children laugh”. I had to ask the boys to choose a book for today and Mr N pulled out Badness for Beginners by Ian Whybrow and Tony Ross. Mr N was given this book as a gift from his kindergarten teachers.

This is the story about the Big Bad Wolf’s son, Little, who is trying very hard to be bad, but doesn’t get it quite right. They have a fun outing and Little decides that being bad is fun after all and wants to have more badness lessons tomorrow. The illustrations give this story an added layer, especially at the end.

If you’re a fan of the Big Bad Wolf in any of the fairy tales, then this is a great book. I also loved reading this again as I’ve just submitted some fractured fairy tales to an anthology.

Buy this book:

Amazon.com – Badness for Beginners: A Little Wolf and Smellybreff Adventure