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theanimalcountdown-200The Animal Countdown by Frances Bacon is a gorgeous book. One thing that stood out is that, unlike most other counting books, it counts the numbers down from 10 to 1.

The book starts with an invitation to count down the number of animals playing in the sun, with each page dedicated to a different animal. The numbers are made with the animal they are talking about with a picture on the facing page of the animals playing in the sun.  The story ends with zero animals playing in the sun because they are all asleep.

The illustrations look like they have been made by sticking paper to make the pictures – I can’t remember the name of the artistic method (if anyone can help, please add a comment).

This is a simple, fun book that will help kids learn how to count down numbers from 10 to 1.

5littleducks-200Today’s book is the final book I bought for my nephews for International Book Giving Day. This one, Five Little Ducks, is for Mr J, who is 9 months old.

I picked up this board book for him as his Mum, my sister, is a music teacher and this is a great book she can sing to him as well as read.

Inside, the book goes through the song and as you turn the pages, the number of ducks goes down.

When my kids were little, I know they loved books with holes in the pages as it added an air of anticipation for them. I hope the same will happen with Mr J and he will love this book too.