davethedonkey-200I have been looking for a kids book about Easter for a while. I specifically wanted one that had nothing to do with bunnies or chocolate eggs. In desperation I turned to social media and posted asking if anyone could recommend a book. A recommendation came back quickly for Dave the Donkey by Andrew McDonough.

Dave the Donkey is a fun book that explains the Easter story to children through the eyes of the donkey who carried Jesus on Palm Sunday and his Grandpa.

The language is simple and the bright pictures bring the story to life. I enjoyed the idea of Jesus racing in to Jerusalem on the back on the donkey with robes flying.

The pictures also explained what happened at Easter without going in to any details that children or parents may be uncomfortable with.

If you are looking for an Easter story without eggs or bunnies, this is a great book to read.

Buy the Book:

Amazon.com – Dave the Donkey, An Easter Story (Cecil and Friends)

Amazon.com – Dave the Donkey, An Easter Story: Storytelling Kit (Show & Tell / Cecil and Friends)