letsplaycolours-200As you can probably tell from the picture, Let’s Play Colours by David Bedford & Leonie Worthington was a well loved book when my kids were small. This was given as a first birthday present for one of my kids (I think) and it came with another book in the same style.

The book is a simple story about Rabbit, Harriet and Wallace. Each double page spread has a different colour, complemented by gorgeous illustrations that are made of felt and other materials. The detail in these images is amazing. My kids loved watching how Wallace ended up with something that wasn’t quite as cool as the others, such as a blue hat with a hole in it. There is even a fun twist at the end.

One thing I loved about this book was the Australian spelling of “Colours” as most of the books about colours we have are from America and the spelling is different.

I keep trying to find these books again as I think they would make a great gift for a little person, but I haven’t found the… yet.