dinosaurwhocouldntsleep-200The Dinosaur Who Couldn’t Sleep by Michael Salmon is a fun story about Lola, a shy diplodocus who has trouble finding a place to have a quiet night sleep. Lola ends up with a fun solution to her problem, ensuring her a good night sleep.

This was one of the books we picked up when my sons were going through their dinosaur phase. As a dinosaur story, we enjoyed reading this and the quirks of Lola and her loud neighbours, although it wasn’t much help with getting a boy to go to sleep. Somehow I don’t think a meteor will fall out of the sky to help him have a good night sleep.

The illustrations are also fun and simple. All the dinosaurs are easily recocnisable with expressive eyes. They are all very cute.

One feature of the book that we enjoyed is a general fact sheet about dinosaurs and another about the diplodocus before the story began. There is also a guide on how to pronounce the names of the different dinosaurs. This was both interesting and useful as some of the dinosaur names I didn’t know how to pronounce.

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