donkeytotherescue-200Today’s book is one that was given to my kids when they were small. I can’t remember whether it was a gift for a special occasion or just one that was passed on… either way, this is a cute, board book.

Donkey to the Rescue by Tim Dowley is based on the Good Samaritan parable in the Bible and is told from the point of view of a grumpy donkey. He goes on a long journey with his master on his back and is made to stop reluctantly for an injured man.

This book has been enjoyed by my kids for many years, and it was my nephews who pulled it out of the book case to read. As it is a board book, it’s a good book to share with smaller children.

Buy the book: – Donkey to the Rescue: The Good Samaritan’s Donkey (Bible Animal Board Books)