peggy-200Inspired by a Hills Hoist and normal events in the backyard, Peggy by Heather Monro is a delightful book that parents and kids will enjoy.

It’s a normal day for Peggy the Clothesline when Mum hangs out the washing, only to have pesky birds descend and cause mayhem. The illustrations also tell a story, with Bob, the nosy neighbour popping in from time to time. Kids will love this aspect of the story, I know my kids did. There is something on every page for them to find.

Another wonderful thing about this book is the accompanying CD. My kids have started listening to audio books at bed time, and this is one that started them off!

This book was also a favourite of my kids for a long time, with Mr Z even going as the scarecrow to school for a Book Week dress up day!

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