dinosaurvsthelibrary-200As well as being Valentine’s Day and International Book Giving Day, February 14 was also Love Your Library Day. So this book was a great book to read on February 14 (this post has been scheduled or I would have had too many books posted then!).

Dinosaur vs. the Library by Bob Shea is a cute book about a dinosaur who likes to roar. There aren’t many words, but those that are there are chosen carefully. The dinosaur roars in different places, and always wins, until he roars in the library. Will he be able to use his inside roar, and not roar for a whole story?

This has a message for kids about being quiet in a library and the win-win situation about sitting quietly during a story.

The pictures are simple and brightly coloured. The dinosaur is very cute.

As a mother who had kids obsessed with dinosaurs when they were 3 or 4 years old, this would have been a wonderful book to read to them to teach them about speaking in a quiet voice and the magic of sitting quietly during a story. Another aspect of this book that would have appealed to my boys is the idea of winning – both boys are very competitive.

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