monkeysays-200Today’s book is Monkey says “Ooo, ooo!”. I don’t know who the author of this book is… I bought this book for my 19 month old nephew, Mr N as part of International Book Giving Day tomorrow. I chose this book for him as he loves the puppet at the end of Splish Splash so much.

This is a fun board book with a puppet that goes through each page. The monkey is part of the story and the repeated lines invite kids to join in by making the puppet say them. The story is rhyming with a fun rhythm, and I’m sure Mr R will love the different ways the banana peel landed on the various animals in the story. There is a fun twist at the end.

There is a series of these books, and I’ll keep my eye out for his birthday parcel for one of the other books, especially as this one was such a hit.