oldtombookofbeauty-200Today’s book, Old Tom’s Big Book of Beauty by Leigh Hobbs, is one that I was lucky enough to win in the Allen & Unwin Monday Madness promotion on their Facebook page. If you are a book lover, it’s well worth checking out their page, not only for their regular giveaways, but also to find out about new books and authors.

Anyway, back to today’s book. I’ve watched the Old Tom TV show with my kids, and hadn’t paid too much attention to it. It was a show that was on. To be honest, I probably wouldn’t have picked this up in either the book shop or the library, mostly because it’s not a show that is a favourite in this house, though the boys do think it’s funny.

Back to the book. I really enjoyed the story about Old Tom and his gift of the “Big Book of Beauty”. What happened when he found the book has some funny results, shadowed by the fun illustrations. The message at the end is also an important one for kids – that they are perfect just the way they are. The other message I got from this story is that even if you try and change the outside, you are still the same person inside, another important lesson.

This was a fun book, and one that is worth picking up and enjoying.

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Amazon.com – Old Tom’s Big Book of Beauty
Allen & Unwin – Old Tom’s Big Book of Beauty