Dippy's SleepoverI don’t know what prompted me to pick up today’s book, Dippy’s Sleepover by Jane Clarke & Mary McQuillan, last time I was at the library. It might have something to do with the cute dinosaur on the cover.

Opening it up, I had no idea what to expect. I found a gorgeous story about a young diplodocus who is invited to a sleepover at his friend’s house. The only problem being that he wets the bed! He is determined to be dry by Friday because he doesn’t want his friend to know that he wets the bed.

What follows is a delightful story with a happy twist at the end of the book, and a strong message that many kids wet the bed and they will grow out of it.

I wish I had discovered this book a few years ago when I was having similar issues with my kids wetting the bed. They did grow out of it, as does Dippy the diplodocus.

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