Rainbow HeroesToday’s book is Rainbow Heroes by B.J. Larkey and J. Cowman. This book was given to Mr Z at Christmas and has a wonderful message for children.

The book talks about Whinger Ninja’s who complain, want what belongs to other children, puts the blame on everyone else, and are just acting bad. It also shows children how to be a Rainbow Hero by using S.B.S. – Stop, Breathe, Smile. It encourages children to use this method and then do what’s fair.

At the back of the book, there are masks that kids can cut out – one side is a plain colour for a Whinger Ninja and the other is rainbow for a Rainbow Hero.

We have enjoyed this book with it’s fun pictures of children playing with the Whinger Ninja’s and Rainbow Heroes in their coloured masks. The words have a good rhythm to them and children younger than 9 year old Mr Z will also enjoy the story and the message it gives.