dogfish-200I read this book a couple of weeks ago when I was playing with my gorgeous 19 month old nephew. It’s a book his Mum saw on Playschool and loved it (it also has a CD read by David Tennant, however I haven’t listened to that).

The book is Dogfish by Gillian Shields. It has a wonderful message for children – appreciate what you have rather than wishing for what you don’t have.

The language and illustrations are gorgeous, and the story has a lot that children will relate to – wanting a pet, being told “We’ll see”, begging and negotiating, and more. Children will love the solution the main character comes up with to his problem of wanting a different pet than the one he already has.

Not only did my nephew and I enjoy it, but my 9 year old also enjoyed it!

Buy this book: – DogFish