Who Flung Dung?I spotted Who Flung Dung? by Ben Redlich in the local library and just had to pick it up. I really have no idea why it appealed so much, maybe because the little monkey on the front is so cute… or maybe it’s because I have two boys, so any book to do with poo is a favourite…

This is a cute story about a monkey who has poo on his head and he goes through a journey to try and work out who is responsible. On his quest, he questions a number of animals, repeating the phrase “Who flung dung?”, only to find the culprit isn’t too far from home.

Quite apart from the book being about poo, I also enjoyed it because the monkey’s in it reminded me of my kids and some of the scraps they get into. The last page is also great, I loved the ending.

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