princesspoppytheplay-200The Play by Janey Louise Jones is part of the Princess Poppy collection of stories, and a book that I picked up at a market.

Poppy is bored and decides to put on a play with her cousins and best friend, however things don’t always go to plan.

This was a fun book with an important message about being bossy and working together. I also enjoyed the play that Grandpa wrote and the illustrations were simple and fun. The costumes were similar to ones that kids would come up with themselves using items in a dress up box.

Something else I enjoyed about this book was the memories it brought back. When I was a kid, my siblings, cousins and I used to put on plays for our parents, complete with tickets and costumes!

A fun book that everyone will enjoy, and may prompt some creativity in your children.

Buy the book: – Princess Poppy: The Play (Princess Poppy Picture Books)