SAMSUNGToday’s book is special for us, Mr Z gave it to his big brother on the day he was born. Bear’s Blue Boat by Sue Harris is a fun board book with bright pictures that teaches kids about colours.

To enhance the pictures, it has cut out bits that are replaced with shiny paper, for example the shiny rocket tail on the cover is silver, not white. These shiny bits are on every page, and I found they helped keep my kids engaged while reading this story when they were small and were reluctant to sit still for long periods.

The pages alternate between a white background with text and small illustrations and a two page, larger landscape picture. The landscapes have quite a few things to look at, like diggers and trucks, which my boys really enjoyed finding.

The story is quite simple, and in rhyme, going through the journey of Bear and his friends going to see Bear blast off in his rocket. The kids enjoyed the count down on the last page.

The book we have has been well worn, and my one year old nephew discovered it yesterday and enjoyed it too.