SAMSUNGHere is another book that my kids enjoyed when they were little that had been gathering dust on my bookshelf. It’s called Splish Splash! and is one that I bought at a Party Plan event.

This book is a touch and feel book, the first books that my kids were interested in.

The story is all about bath time, looking at bubbles and sponges and towels and water. The part my kids would enjoy the most is the finger puppet at the end. I’m babysitting my one-year-old nephew tomorrow and I’m looking forward to sharing this book with him.

It is also a board book, so it’s survived being loved by toddlers. The pictures are photographs of gorgeous babies smiling and playing with bubbles and the other items that are detailed int he story. The touch and feel aspects of the book are also seamlessly added in to the pictures so it looks like the babies are playing with them.

Another gorgeous aspect of this book is a hole in each page introducing the touch and feel items on the next page. As my kids got older and were memorising the story, they had fun telling me what was coming next.

This is a fun book to share with toddlers.