SAMSUNGI’m having fun digging through the picture books in our shelves. Baby Boo! by Colin and Jacqui Hawkins is a book I either bought or was given when my kids were very small.

This is a charming lift the flap book. Each page has flap for kids to lift and see who is playing “peek-a-boo”. The flaps in my book are folded and worn, showing how much my kids enjoyed this book. Under each flap, someone says “Boo!”

Pictures in this book are cartoon-y with bright colours. They are simply to attract children’s attention and the flaps fit well in to the pictures on the page, such as curtains over a window and the side of a cot.

As my kids are now 8 and 10, I had forgotten about this book, as well as a couple of other baby books that I’ve put aside to read in the next couple of days.