SAMSUNGToday’s book is Happy Birth Day! by Robie H. Harris.

I bought this book for myself a number of years ago and it’s one that hasn’t made it to my kids bookshelf. It’s the story of a mother telling her baby about being born and the first day. The illustrations are stunning and realistic. One of my favourites is the image of the baby having her first breastfeed.

The words are powerful and I usually end up with tears in my eyes by the end of it, remembering the day my sons were born. The author is able to capture the specialness of the day a baby is born, and doesn’t forget bringing in the extended family too. There are little details, like the name bands that are put on a baby’s wrist and ankle, that add so much to the story.

I love reading this story with my boys, even though they don’t understand why I get so emotional!